Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Coming up in May

Thursday, May 1, 7-9pm
Ecovillage Solutions: Updating Gaviotas
Regrowing Rainforest and Community in Colombia

At North Park Village Nature Center 5801 N. Pulaski, Chicago. Free and open to the public.

Tim Magner reports on his recent trip to Gaviotas, Colombia, where Paolo Lugari is transforming a barren wasteland into a lushly forested ecovillage. Asylee journalist Hector Sepulveda will provide background on Colombia’s environment (including the political).

Lugari motivated university professors and students to produce a stream of inventions including children’s see-saws that pump water, solar kettles that sterilize it, ultra-light windmills that handle gales, plus cheap and efficient solar water-heaters. These became the basis for several businesses. Every family enjoys free housing, community meals, and schooling. There are no weapons, no police, no jail, no mayor.

Their presentation will address the environmental opportunities and challenges in Colombia and the world, using the brilliant example of Las Gaviotas. Questions considered include: How did the Gaviotas experiment succeed when all the 'experts' guaranteed failure? How did systems thinking transform a savanna wasteland into a new forest which creates new jobs? What can we learn from their experiment?


Some Links:
The business view
The village that could save the planet

On the Inventions
http://backspace.com/notes/2003/08/gaviotas.php has some renderings of the inventions
http://mingo.info-science.uiowa.edu/~winter/engineering.html some details

Social Design Notes
http://www.newint.org/issue357/time.htm New Internationalist 2003
http://www.backspace.com/notes/2003/08/09/x.html - Gaviotas.

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