Saturday, May 27, 2006

Things are warming up
in June and beyond...

Climate Change is Here
and could become horrific
if we don't change our ways.

Act to bring about a desirable future

See the movie An Inconvenient Truth
On global warming. Starring Al Gore, with our planet's story.
Opening at Chicago's Century Centre (June 2) and Esquire (June 9); in Evanston's CineArts 6, and Highland Park's Renaissance Place (both June 2)

Attend a Chicago forum Sunday, June 4, 10am - 1pm. How Can We Meet Out Future Energy Needs Without Jeopardizing Our Planet's Health? Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E Washington

Learn/discuss its significance and some recent proposals
with the Third Wave Study Group, Monday, June 26, 7pm
<> James Hansen - Can We Still Avoid Dangerous Human-Made Climate Change?
<> Ray Pierrehumbert - Climate Change: A Catastrophe in Slow Motion
3411 W. Diversey, 2nd floor, conference room. Press 1,3 & 19 for entry. For history and members
Third Wave info: (773) 384-8827, Carl Davidson

Explore a sustainable living fair
June 23-25,
17th annual Midwest Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair
Worlds largest. Custer, WI (7 mi E of Stevens Point),
Rideshare/camping. www.the-mrea.org
August 12-13,
5th annual Illinois Renewable Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle Fair,
Oregon, IL (two hours west of Chicago’s Loop).

For related events see Chicago's Sustainability Calendar
at www.believechicago.org

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