Friday, September 05, 2003

Summary of the last two meetings
- feeling out the future.

The CUP meeting, Aug 27, (see 8/22 below) at the Nature Center, had 11 attendees.

The Edge/Up Greens Sustainability Forum, Sept 4, at Stone Soup Coop drew 16 attendees.
They included staff from the Center for Neighborhood Technology and the Chicago Center for Green Technology, who reported on their institutions activities.

The next step, proposed at both meetings, is to develop a vision for a "Sustainable Chicagoland" using an associated blog site. Blog (web log) sites can amalgamate features of a website and listserve, allowing members to easily post sequentially, as well as providing a sidebar of relevant web links. Posts can also be edited later for clarification.

That site, a vision development site for a "Sustainable Chicagoland" , is for exploring what to do next.

An e-mail message will invite the meeting attendees to participate and provide details. Others interested in contributing can contact me.

Also note that the Chicagoland Sustainability Calendar is also published here. Feel free to submit additional events to that list.

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